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For centuries all over the world people have known and used natural insect repellents with varying degrees of
success. However, no matter how well they worked they all had the common drawback of not lasting too
long – until OnGuard’s South African breakthrough. The principals at Naturally OnGuard spent many years in research
and trial and error until in late 2006 they produced a formula of different natural ingredients allied with a special
method of preparation which actually synergised the mix, and more importantly, gave the product up to hours of
effectiveness in a single application.

OnGuard have extensively tested the product with successful use in diverse places all over the world
( Corsica, Sierra Leone, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Turkey, Singapore, Canada, Brazil, Barbados & more) plus of course
from coast to coast in South Africa itself. Furthermore the product was initially subjected to rigorous
testing at leading entomology laboratory in Kenya – and very recently at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical
Medicine, England. The results of these tests was validation as a credible mosquito  repellent and a recommendation
for the use of the product as a personal protection strategy against vector mosquitoes.  In practice the product has
also gone on to prove effective against flies, ticks, midges, aphids, and most other bloodsuckers

OnGuard has a pleasant smell and further benefits from having added moisturisers and has antibacterial, antiseptic
and antifungal properties that leave the skin smooth, well protected –and without any oily residue.
A really good added bonus is the ability to soothe existing bites in minutes –if you were unfortunate enough to
be bitten before applying OnGuard.  

Currently most successful repellents are based upon a cocktail of synthetically produced chemicals and not all are
recommended for use on young children – or even prolonged use by adults. The most commonly used chemical DEET
is undoubtedly successful in repelling mosquitoes however it has always courted controversy regarding long
term safety.  In fact researchers from the University of Angers, France have raised the alarm about
DEET (diethyl-meta-toluamide)
calling for further urgentstudies into its safety for people, especially children
– source Dr Vincent Corbel, BMC Biology Reports August 2009.
Onguard’s long lasting, all natural ingredients makes it safe for use for all the family including infants –and powerful
enough for the most high risk malaria areas. OnGuard is available as an aerosol, spray, roll-on and gel and can
now be found in stores throughout South Africa supplied by the sole distributor Gardena of Midrand, JNB.
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