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" What is the best way to apply Onguard? "

Use OnGuard as you would a sun screen where you cover all the parts you do not want to burn –apply OnGuard to all
those areas where you do not want to be bitten. Apply to face via your hands and do not forget your ears and to
reapply to your hands if you have washed them!


" Which is best, roll on, spray, cream or aerosol? "

All are equally effective and come in different forms purely for your personal favoured choice of application  –note
the Roll-On is very handy for air travel and all those security checks.Also remember to apply before disembarking
when visiting a ‘mosquito’ area –mosquitoes are initially attracted to CO2  and imagine how much is built up inside
the aircraft or terminal building.


" How long will it last? "

It will depend upon various factors but mainly down to activity. If you are perspiring a lot or doing an activity which
involves either washing or rubbing off of the repellent then you will need to regularly reapply. Normal activity will
see the repellent offer good solid protection for 4-5hrs and if sleeping you will find it is still effective at 8+ .
However, the really beauty of OnGuardsn natural ingredients is that, unlike chemical repellents,
ONGUARD can be applied as many times a day as you like with no fear of a build-up and absorbtion of potentially
harmful chemicals.


" I actually like ONGuard’s moisturising effect as it really hydrates my dry skin, what is it? "

It is a combination of ingredients but more than that we cannot say….like Coca Cola we will have to keep some
secrets. The good thing is that you can apply as many times a day as you like unlike DEET or some other chemical
reppellents (see FAQ’s above)


" Do I apply before or after sun cream? "

‘sunscreens should be applied to the skin before insect repellents’.
Chemical insect repellents can dilute the sunscreens effectiveness and those sunscreens containing benzophenone-3
will actually increase the chemical asorbtion into the body through the skin. OnGuards use of natural ingredients mean
you do not need to worry what type of sunscreen you use as there are NO harmful chemoicals to be absorbed. Even
better news is we will soon be marketing our own combination  Insect repellent / sunscreen.


" How do I use it over make up? "

Apply to the palms of your hand, rub palms together and gently pat all areas of your face after having finished your
make up. Remember dusk is a favourite time for some mosquitoes hunting your blood!


" If I do not use it all this year, will it last to next season? "

ONGUARD’s products have had accelerated shelf life tests to ensure your product will last over from one season to
the next – it has a confirmed 2+ year shelf life under normal conditions.



Onguard is all natural, non-toxic, and suitable for use by the whole family, including infants.• website designed by Creative Factory